Terms & Conditions


Please note that all services provided by Almont Visas are regulated by the Terms and Conditions described below. 
All the requests for services received from our clients are governed by these Terms and Conditions and confirm the acceptance of all the rules, restrictions and limitations regarding liability.
These Terms and Conditions may not be amended without the permission of Almont Visas.
By sending your application for processing by Almont Visas the client accepts these Terms and Conditions and the fact that Almont Visas will not be liable to the client for the failure to comply with the necessary passport and or visa requirements.
Almont Visas will not be liable for any failure in provision of the loss of documentation nor will it be liable for the performance or action of any third party supplier, government body or passport authorities.
Royal Mail, courier companies and third party suppliers are subject to their own terms and conditions, Almont Visas has no liability for loss, damage or delay when using the third party services.
Under no circumstances will Almont Visas be liable for any indirect or incidental losses or damages including without limitation loss of profits or exemplary damage.
Should Almont Visas be responsible for the loss or damage to any documentation, the total liability will be based on the replacement cost only and in any event will not exceed £150.
Under any circumstances Almont Visas total liability to the client for any claims, liabilities and damages of any kind will not exceed the service fee paid or not exceed the amount of £150.

Almont Visas will not accept liability for an inaccurate, incomplete or false declarations or incorrect details presented in the forms or supporting documentation. Nor shall they be responsible or liable for delays, non provision of passports and visas or expenses incurred by the actions of any passport office, Consulate, Embassy or any third party supplier.
Any claims must be recorded with Almont Visas within one calendar month after an issue occurs.
Consulates, Embassies and government bodies reserve the right to change their service standards and prices at their own discretion and without any notice. They also reserve the right to refuse an application or change the type of visa requested.
These decisions are made at the point of application and as such they are out of Almont Visas control, the fee the Embassy charges may be changed resulting in an increase or decrease of the total cost of service. Whenever it is possible we will immediately  inform you of these changes.
Some circumstances or time restrictions may create the need  for Almont Visas to select an appropriate service for the client when the consultation is not possible.
Almont Visas reserve the right to do so and pass the cost to the client unless written instructions to the contrary are received prior to the application.
Almont Visas reserves the right to pass on to the client any additional charges incurred at the point of application.
If the client is responsible for cancellations or repeated applications charges will apply.
The service fees payable to Almont Visas are exclusive of Consular or Embassy charges which remain the liability of the client.
Completed applications will be returned to the Client by royal mail special delivery unless otherwise instructed, a delivery charge will be implemented. 
On receipt it is the client’s responsibility to confirm validity of all documentation and ensure the visa or passport obtained covers the period of time for travel to and from the country requested including the number of entries required also that it’s valid for its purpose.
Almont Visas reserve the right to increase its prices at any time with or without prior notice.
Although we are trying our best to ensure that the information on our website is true and up to date we can not guarantee that because it is subject to Embassies and Consulates rules which can change from time to time.
Each country has its own holidays. Embassies and Consulates may close because of that and affect the period required to obtain the visa.
Almont Visas comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and only use the personal information to provide the contracted service.
Almont Visas has the right to refuse to handle any application at any time without explanation.
These terms and conditions are governed and constructed according to the law.