Passports British Passport Renewal

Unfortunately, we are currently not able to assist with passport renewal service.

To renew your British passport you will need the following documents:

- UK passport application form (this can be obtained from any Post Office or from our office) completed in black ink only.
- Your current original passport.
- Two passport-size photograghs taken within the last 6 months. If your appearance has changed since the last passport photo was taken, or if your previous passport was valid for 5 years only, or if the passport is damaged or expired 6 months ago or more, one of these photos needs to be countersigned in black ink by a professionally qualified person who has known the applicant for at least 2 years. The counter-signature must also be present in section 10 of the Application Form. Counter signatories must hold either an Irish or British passport and must enter their full UK address on the form.

Cost of the passport renewal service:

British Passport Renewal (Total Processing Time: 2 Working Days)

32 Pages Passport    
The Identity and Passport Service Charge: £128.00
Our Fee: £100 + VAT
Total cost: £248.00

48 Pages Passport     
The Identity and Passport Service Charge: £137.00
Our Fee: £100.00 + VAT     
Total cost: £257.00   

The procedure is exactly the same for obtaining the second British passport (Frequent Business Traveller) but in this case the applicant needs to enclose a Company letter – it must be an original letter from the applicant's employer addressed to the Passport office.  
It must state that a second passport is required because of the applicant being a frequent traveler on business, and that the second passport would enable the applicant to travel whilst the other passport is at embassies for visa purposes.
It must contain the applicant’s name, home address, position within the company and describe their job role and the nature of their work when on business trips.
It should also contain a list of at least 4 countries that applicant travels to frequently.  
If you would like to speed the process up and to process the passport in one day, please state that you request for the passport to be processed in one day due to upcoming business travel plans.